We Listen. We Strategize. We Act.



We apply our Quadrant Thinking ® method to all of the services we provide.  Quadrant Thinking ® is a four part process we have developed over the years to clearly define your goals, or mission and the obstacles or speedbumps along the way.  We begin each project with you in Quadrant 1: Clarity and work through the subsequent Quadrants: Solution (2), Implementation (3) and Sustainability (4) to complete a full circle of thorough problem solving.  This practice allows us to look at your project or problem at a high level and make decisions or set goals with your big picture in mind.




At RSJ, our tax services are focused on quality tax preparation, meeting client expectations and ease. We apply the Quadrant Thinking®  method of clarity, solution, implementation and maintenance when managing our client’s needs.  Whether serving an individual, a family, or a corporation, our priority is ensuring that our clients are in compliance with local, state and federal tax laws.


Much of the tax code is designed to reward or provide incentives for specific activities.  The understanding of both tax law and specific circumstances of our clients as well as their financial activities, can provide substantial reduction of tax liabilities.  That knowledge, in addition with the ongoing change of Federal, state and local tax laws, incentivizes us to continuously invest in the education of our staff.  We make a point to get to know our clients and their challenges, along with their future plans and goals which gives us the tools to better serve their tax needs.

  • Compliance:
    • Federal Taxes
    • State and Local Taxes
    • International Taxation and Transactional Services
    • Real Estate Tax Service
    • Tax Authorities Representation
    • Tax Resolution and IRS Debt Forgiveness
  • Planning:
    • Corporate Tax Planning and Advisory
    • Family and Family Office Tax Planning and Advisory
    • Family Estate Planning
    • Family Succession and Legacy Planning
    • Intergenerational Wealth Transfers
    • Philanthropic Planning and Family Foundations
    • Family Office Planning and Implementation
    • Family Governance