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For us, the real magic comes from setting our clients’ core values as the foundation of the advisement we provide them.


We believe that a business’s health is not judged by its bottom line alone, but that financial capital is a by-product of four other capitals – human, social, intellectual and structural — which are driven by our clients’ unique values and priorities. Being mindful of these gives us the insights necessary to customize solutions based on the individual tax compliance, assurance, due diligence, accounting or advisory needs of our clients.


It’s not about what we do; it’s about what you get.


We understand that your personal and professional values are very different than those of your competitors; and we’ll help you build your business successfully without compromising them. Our approach, along with our highly developed strategic communication method, combined with our team-based structure, sets us apart from the rest. By providing our clients long term perspective and innovative accounting solutions, our clients can focus on pursuing their business success.


Since 1976, Our team has been working together to develop our unique client strategy.

We Are

We place a great deal of attention on the values, principles, knowledge, relationships and abilities that allow for wealth creation. Our values-based model for wealth transition influences human, intellectual, social and structural capital to support and promote growing financial capital.

We serve

At RSJ, we are dedicated to serving a diverse client group. Our professionals have experience serving clients across many industries in both domestic and international capacities.  Some examples of this are, but not limited to, individuals, privately held companies, non-profit organizations, private equity companies and public companies.

We advise

RSJ is at the top of our game when it comes to tax-minimization strategies for asset growth, protection and transfer. We have always known that something was missing from traditional estate planning for high-net-worth families. Over the years, we have generated an expert model of techniques which allow us to approach sensitive and complicated issues that could potentially arise with high-net worth families.  Because, not every high-net-worth family group is the same, we are able to apply these models by fine tuning them to fit the needs of our clients depending on their circumstances.



RSJ offers traditional tax and accounting services.  In addition, we specialize in all aspects of Assurance, Business Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions, SEC Compliance and Families of Wealth for both domestic and international clients.

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