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We are a full service transdisciplinary tax and accounting team. Our partners and managers each have specific experience working with their industries of expertise. They are meticulous about keeping current on new tax laws and accounting strategies overall; but specifically, for those industries. At Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, our work is year-round; not just once a year.

Personal & Public
Practice Areas

Personal and privately held companies, publicly traded companies, private equity companies and non-profit organizations round out the core of our practice areas.  We also specialize in high net-worth families and their wealth planning and estate planning needs.  Our team is experienced serving clients across many types of financial needs, both in domestic and international capacities.

Domestic & International
Industries Served

We are dedicated to understanding and advising the specific needs, business and goals of our clients. Our clients include start-ups, manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, healthcare, real-estate as well as various other professional services.



Along with our named partners, our leadership team specializes in a range of areas from personal advisement, large and small businesses, international businesses, mergers and acquisitions, and family office. Preparing and filing taxes, assurance, accounting and business strategies, are just a couple examples of the expertise and experience of our leadership group.   Our goal is to make things easier for our clients in assisting them in all of these areas in the various industries we deal with such as, healthcare, construction, entertainment, hospitality and new technology start-ups; just to name a few.


RSJ carefully selects individuals for our staff that will exude professionalism and the ability to provide personalized service.  The partner group encourages and assists in accommodating continuing education and training programs for our staff and ensures ongoing development and evolution as the country and world progresses in to the 21st century and tax and accounting laws continue to update and change.

Tax Partner

Julie Choi

Julie has served for more than 20 years, in both, public and private accounting. She incorporates her vast experience to resolve complicated issues, providing complete tax service and consultation to high-net-worth individuals and their families. She has a passion for excellence in service and client satisfaction. Julie emphasizes this trait and exceeds the expectations of her clients.

Tax Partner

Craig Frye

Craig Frye is the Partner in charge of the Tax Department at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs. He has over 25 years of combined public and corporate accounting experience. He performs the role of a trusted advisor to large public companies, small owner-operated businesses and high-net-worth individuals, including their family offices, real estate clients, healthcare clients, and entertainment clients.

Founding Partner

Jake Jacobs

Jonathan L. “Jake” Jacobs has over 30 years of experience in successfully helping clients identify and satisfy their business and financial needs. He specializes in providing a variety of compliance and consulting services for entrepreneurial ventures, publicly owned companies and high net worth families. He also leads the Firms Merger and Acquisition Practice.

Tax, Audit & Accounting Partner

Alan Kazden

Alan is a Partner in the Tax, Audit and SEC Departments, and leads the firm’s Accounting Services Practice. Alan has over 25 years of experience and has spent his entire career with Rose, Snyder & Jacobs. His unique blend of skills in accounting, taxation and business consulting in diverse industries, as well as working with individuals has allowed him the ability to span his knowledge across the majority of the firm’s notable areas of expertise.

Founding Partner

Tony Rose

Tony is a founding partner of Rose, Snyder & Jacobs and has over 25 years of experience in working with businesses and their owners in the manufacturing, real estate and service sectors. His client responsibilities include, but are not limited to, tax and management consulting advice to closely-held corporations, family owned businesses, partnerships and the high net worth individuals who own them.

Tax Partner

Rebecca Snyder

With over 25 years of experience in consulting with clients on various tax matters such as estate and gift planning, structuring of partnerships, state and local tax issues, as well as providing general tax advice. She has worked with clients in nearly every industry including but not limited to manufacturing, real estate and service sectors and has concentrated on the needs unique to the closely-owned business, their owners and families.

Audit Partner

Stephane Vachon

Stephane Vachon has over 25 years of experience and oversees the Accounting and Auditing Departments, as well as the SEC Practice at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs. His professional expertise includes financial reporting, feasibility and profitability analyses, and financial and business consulting.

Audit Partner

Evlina Madathian

Evlina has been with Rose, Snyder & Jacobs since 2007 and is a Partner in the firms SEC Practice. With financial reporting and IRS field examiner experience, she is an extremely valuable asset to her public and private clients.

Audit Partner

Damien Pineda

Damien has been with Rose, Snyder & Jacobs since 2005 and is a partner in the Audit department and the firm’s SEC Practice. He previously held a supervisory position at a financial institution during the five years prior to joining the firm.


Karen Goldberg

Karen joined RSJ in 2001 as a Tax Senior. In 2005 she left to assist in running a family retail business. Five years later, in 2010, Karen rejoined RSJ as a Tax Supervisor. Now a Senior Tax Manager, Karen has brought her small business expertise to her position at RSJ and has extensive experience in income tax, sales tax, corporations, pass-thru entities and multi-state tax issues for small to medium sized businesses and high net-worth individuals, including their family offices.


Shiri Elad

Shiri joined RSJ in 2008 and is currently a Manager in both the audit and accounting departments. Her 10 years of experience has allowed Shiri to cultivate and sustain her concentrated practice areas which include but are not limited to, Private Companies and Business Management, along with a specialization in Public Companies.

Senior Tax Manager

Jess Brown

Jess Brown is a Certified Public Accountant who joined our team in 2013. Prior to RSJ, he spent 25 years in the industry as a Mergers and Acquisitions specialist and as a Chief Financial Officer. This background has been a natural fit for Jess to head up our own Mergers and Acquisitions practice, we are fortunate to have him.

Senior Tax Manager

Lindsay Ross

Lindsay Ross is a Senior Manager in our Tax Department, specializing in Corporate Tax. Prior to joining RSJ, Lindsay was a Tax Senior at Grant Thornton LLP. Lindsay is highly detailed in her work which makes her a perfect fit for our extremely complicated clients. She will be transitioning to Pennsylvania, which is a big step in the evolution of our firm but we are excited to be expanding for our employees and will happily see where this takes us.

Senior Tax Manager

Anna Zachariah

Anna Zachariah is a Senior Tax Manager in the Tax Department with over 20 years of experience.She has a unique and extensive skillset to service clients that include high net worth individuals, family offices, real estate investment organizations and investors, as well as a wide range of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Tax Manager

Anna Bagarian

Anna joined RSJ in 2015 as a Tax Senior and is currently a Manager in our Tax Department. Anna specializes in high net worth families, restaurants and, public and private foundations. Prior to joining the RSJ team, Anna worked at Holthouse, Carlin & Van Tright, LLP as a Tax Senior.

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I recently had a talk with Amy Bruske, the president of Kolbe Corp, about the meaning of entrepreneurship. Bruske has observed three types of folks, all of whom are necessary in a business: entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees.


We tend to hold entrepreneurs and business owners on a pedestal and think of employees as cogs in a machine. I want to challenge that notion.


Let’s take a look at how this plays out:


1. Entrepreneurs are those who create something new from nothing, whether that is a new product, a new service, or new level of effectiveness of an existing product or service (think Uber).


Obviously, entrepreneurs are critical in innovating, but there is a case to be made that at some point, a business can be harmed by the presence of entrepreneurs. They often do not play well with others, and they are sometimes fidgety. Execution, maintenance, and sustainability are oftentimes not their strength. Once they create something new, they need to move on and create something else. Often entrepreneurs disrupt their own business because disruption is what they naturally do. This disruption, though, can be at the detriment of the very business they created.


I mention this because entrepreneurs tend to get all the glory, but the other folks are important, too.


2. Business owners are those who are given an already-created concept and who can grow market share, profitability, and effectiveness of a business.


A true business owner is more than a caretaker. True business owners must have courage and persistence. They must be able to execute through their apprehension with confidence. These folks may be fearful, but they know they can work things out—somehow, someway. This knowledge does not stop them from being scared, but they work through the fear nonetheless.


3. This leaves us with everyone else. These are the folks who are and will never be owners or entrepreneurs. Rather, they carry out the tasks of a business with guidance and direction.


Do not think of employees as less-than. Rather, think of them as caretakers and cultivators. They are the ones who lovingly tend to a portion of the garden that is a business. Every business needs them. After all, an entrepreneur’s brilliant idea is just a floating abstraction absent the executors and implementors who make it happen. These people, when they are in the right position, are the geniuses and the specialists who make an idea come to life. They should, as such, hold as much glory as the entrepreneurs and the business owners.


When placed in the right position (understanding the Kolbe A Index of an employee can help with this), your employees can be heroic. In fact, if you have been an entrepreneur or a business owner for long, I imagine that you have already had employees who shine, who amaze you with their talent.


I propose that if you are critical or disparaging of your employees, it is likely that you do not have the right people in the right positions. It is your job, then, as a business owner responsible for steering the ship, to correct course. Rather than belittling the role of the employee, ask more of yourself, your leadership abilities, and your mastery of hiring process.


If you need help with this, you only need to look as far as #RSJSwenson. I would be happy to arrange a consultation with my partner, Eric Swenson, who is brilliant at leadership management. In fact, our team at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs recently had the pleasure of completing a series of leadership-training with Eric, and the reaction was incredible.

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