International Tax Consulting

Beyond the Deal.



We use Quadrant Thinking ® to enhance every service we provide.  Quadrant Thinking® is the top level practice behind the Quadrant Planning® method.  It’s a four part process we have developed over the years to clearly define your goals, or mission and the obstacles or speedbumps along the way.  We begin each project with you in Quadrant 1: Clarity and work through the subsequent Quadrants: Solution (2), Implementation (3) and Sustainability (4) to complete a full circle of thorough problem solving.  This practice allows us to look at your project or problem at a high level and make decisions or set goals with your big picture in mind.




RSJ assists domestic and foreign businesses with tax and advisory services. As technology and world events continue to break down barriers in doing business globally, domestic businesses are looking towards international markets for opportunities to expand production, sales and operations.  As the global market gets smaller, our clients are increasingly looking abroad for new markets, while international companies are setting up operations in the U.S.


As part of Russell Bedford International, a global accounting alliance, we have global transaction reach.  Our international tax team combines cross-border transaction experience with local tax knowledge to assist you in planning and complying with often complex international tax rules.

  • Tax:
    • Tax Structuring and Compliance
    • Entity Formation and Selection
    • International Transfer Pricing
    • Executive Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Assurance:
    • Audit and Attest
    • M&A Due Diligence and Transactional
    • Internal Control Assessment
  • Advisory:
    • Operational and Management Advisory
    • Financial and Strategic Advisory