Specialized Accounting Services

Back office and Outsource CFO/Controllership



We apply our Quadrant Thinking ® method to all of the services we provide.  Quadrant Thinking ® is a four part process we have developed over the years to clearly define your goals, or mission and the obstacles or speedbumps along the way.  We begin each project with you in Quadrant 1: Clarity and work through the subsequent Quadrants: Solution (2), Implementation (3) and Sustainability (4) to complete a full circle of thorough problem solving.  This practice allows us to look at your project or problem at a high level and make decisions or set goals with your big picture in mind.




In an ever-growing world of small to mid-sized businesses, it often does not make sense for a company to have and pay for an in-house CFO.  RSJ’s specialized accounting services department provides the expertise of a seasoned CFO without you having to hire one to have in-house.  Our professionals can offer an array of services that will guide you through your day to day operations, as well as your quarterly and annual financial reporting’s.


  • CFO & Back Office:
    • Bookkeeping
    • Month-end close
    • Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations
    • Document Management
    • Audit Preparation
    • Financial Reporting
    • Budgeting Actual Analysis Advisory
    • Break Even Analyses
    • Forecasts and Projections
    • Accounting Support
    • General Ledger Maintenance
    • Bill Payments
    • Payroll Processing
    • Expense Reporting
  • Small Business Forms and Filings:
    • 1099’s
    • W-2’s
    • Sales Tax Returns
    • Payroll Taxes
    • City Business Licenses
    • 571-L Property Taxes