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Look through the following list of values and select the top 15 values that are most important to YOU. It’s a long list, so start by choosing the one's that stand out to you most first.
Then, choose the additional values until you've reached a grand total of your 15 most important values.
NOTE: If you're questioning the values, ask yourself, do I value (the value you've chosen) or (another value) more? Then go with your gut.
You can always take this assessment more than once to narrow this down.  Keep it simple.  Choose your values below:


Adventure: Participation in new and exciting experiences.
Community: Cooperating and identifying with others’ shared interests.
Courage: Perseverance and bravery and the ability to face difficulties.
Creativity: Imagination, inspiration, and to have new and original ideas.
Decisiveness: The ability to make firm and definitive decisions that provide clear direction.
Diversity: Appreciation of individual differences.
Education: Pursuing intellectual endeavors and gaining knowledge.
Enjoyment: I value the pursuit of pleasure and delight.
Environment: Valuing nature and the need to care for and live in harmony with our planet.
Ethics: Moral standards and principles of conduct.
Excellence: Achievement of quality and to be competent in my everyday activities.
Faith: Devotion and dedication to a set of beliefs.
Family: To have a happy, loving family.
Freedom: Liberty to act and speak without restriction.
Friendship: To have a network of close and supportive friends.
Fun: Play, laughter, and the ability to be amused.
Giving: Making monetary or time donation to benefit others.
Growth: To keep changing and growing and challenging yourself.
Happiness: Contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment.
Helpfulness: Desire to aid and assist others.
Honesty: To be truthful and forthright.
Idealism: Striving for perfection.
Independence: To be self-sufficient and free from dependence on others.
Intimacy: Maintaining close and deep relationships.
Justice: To promote fair and equal treatment for every individual.
Knowledge: To learn and contribute valuable knowledge.
Leadership: The ability to motivate others toward the achievement of a goal.
Leisure: Taking time to relax and enjoy life.
Loyalty: Faithful commitment to people and ideals.
Meaningful activity: The importance of pursuits that have purpose and lasting value.
Nurturance: Assisting others in need or hardship and being of service to others.
Optimism: Believing that it will all work out.
Order: To have a life that stays fairly consistent, well-ordered, and organized.
Popularity: To be well liked by many people.
Privacy: Free from intrusion and the right to confidentiality.
Recognition: Being acknowledged and appreciated.
Respect: Ability to demonstrate admiration and esteem toward others.
Security: The safety and comfort that comes from protection and certainty.
Solitude: Tranquility and peace and time to be apart from others.
Spirituality: Desire to understand one’s inner soul and relationship with the world.
Teamwork: Working with others to achieve a goal.
Thankfulness: To live in a state of appreciation for the people and things that populate your life.
Trust: To be reliable and dependable.
Truthfulness: Honesty, integrity, and being forthright.
Variety: Embracing unpredictability in life, and the challenges and opportunities that change provides.
Wealth: Security and freedom provided by accumulating assets.
Work: Fulfillment of a duty to achieve a purpose.
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