Clara Mayer

Ms. Mayer specializes in strategic market penetration, alliance and partnership building, and out of the box marketing strategies. She currently spearheads growth strategy at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs (RSJ) by building and leveraging relationships and alliances to create substantial business exchanges through high level events. Ms. Mayer’s desire to bring people together to create business opportunities and success stories has proven to be her niche. She is recognized as a connector and influencer within the Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas.

Previously, Ms. Mayer consulted in several industries including large resort mergers and acquisitions, information technology, digital media and global procurement. As the youngest female in the resort acquisition industry, she established herself in her industry by working with some of the largest investment groups, such as KSL Resorts and Interstate Hotels.

Ms. Mayer holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Tech University and a Ph.D. Certification in behavioral science. She is dedicated to teaching personal effectiveness and has developed curriculum for high performance leadership programs to benefit the quality of life for all human beings. As a two-time brain cancer warrior, Ms. Mayer is passionate about helping children that have terminally ill parents through hospice services for numerous hospitals throughout the Los Angeles area. Ms. Mayer is also a ranked member of the American Pool Association with sponsorship support. She has been a top national 8-ball pool champion for the last eight years.