Tax Resolution and IRS Debt Forgiveness

“I am scared that the IRS is going to seize my assets.”

This is the fear shared by every individual taxpayer with tax debt. They worry: “Will the IRS or Franchise Tax Board levy my bank accounts? Liquidate my profit-sharing plan? Garnish my wages? Seize my retirement account?”

And the worst worry of all: “Will they take my home?”

Their worries are justified: Taxing agencies like the IRS and Franchise Tax Board can and will seize the assets of taxpayers who do not negotiate a satisfactory tax-payment plan. Aggravating matters, taxpayers who do not quickly and proactively seek a tax resolution can see their tax balances double and triple: A $50,000 balance can quickly turn into an $120,000 tax balance when interest, penalties, and new tax obligations are taken into consideration.

Fortunately, RSJ’s tax resolution advisors can:

  • Protect you from asset seizure, aggressive revenue officers, and enforced collections.
  • Invoke your rights, per the Taxpayers Bill of Rights
  • Negotiate customized, affordable, and properly structured payment solutions—oftentimes for pennies on the dollar—that simultaneously satisfy taxing agencies like the IRS and Franchise Tax Board and keep aggressive revenue officers away.

Structure a long-term IRS payment plan so that you never have to fear levies, seizures, liquidations, or liens again.

For more information, please contact Janet Sikiyan  in our Tax Resolution department at 818-465-6438.

“Thanks to Janet and Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, my tax challenges are in the past and brought me peace out of chaos. I was treated with concern and respect which alleviated the stress of the situation, and productively solved my tax problems.”

“After much personal hardship partly brought by my son’s disability, I fell behind in paying both the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board (FTB). After mounting penalties and interest incurred, I reached out to Tony Rose. Once assigned to Janet Sikiyan, as this is her specialty, she stopped all the IRS and FTB actions within a week. Janet reduced my IRS debt by 60% and provided me a payment plan to be paid over 10 years, as well as the FTB being reduced to a one-time payment. For the first time in the last 10 years, I received a tax refund this year. Thank you Tony and Janet – You and your team are the best.”