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Jake Jacobs Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s “Power Accountants” Issue (May 30, 2016)

Jake Jacobs, featured "Power Accountant" in San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Jake Jacobs, featured “Power Accountant” in San Fernando Valley Business Journal

We are thrilled to share this special issue of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal featuring the Valley’s “Power Accountants” including our own Founding Partner, Jake Jacobs.





Conversation Starters – How Clothespins Helped a Room Full of Influencers Break the Ice at our CES Gathering

Each time we plan an executive event, we face the challenge of how our guests will get to know each minipinsother. Tony, Brian and I like to shy away from traditional name tags, so we are always searching for fresh ideas that will initiate conversations between strangers. For this year’s CES Gathering, the stars aligned. We ALL came up with a similar concept that kept our guests guessing and we are thrilled to say it worked wonderfully!

We secretly identified each guest based on the number of times they have attended our CES event. There were three categories: those who’ve attended every CES event (six in all), those who’ve attended more than one, and newbies.

Now, we had to find “identifiers” that would work for our event. After a quick trip to the crafts store, we purchased mini clothespins in three colors. They were small enough so as not to be obtrusive, and they really got the conversations going. Most of our guests figured out the green pins (newbies), but the blue and white pins stumped them.

Upon arrival, each guest received a pin and were told only that they had something in common with others wearing the same color pin, and it was up to them to figure out what.

It was a fun way for our guests to mingle and very well-received! We will definitely be playing this game again.

Tapping Into Social Capital for a Great First Impression

Founding Partner Tony Rose has written and spoken about the important role Social Capital plays in the success of your business. So, it is not surprising that at RSJ we place a great deal of importance on your first point of contact with our firm.

Jessica Hull

Jessica Hull, Director of First Impressions

Meet Jessica Hull.

More than a receptionist, Jessica is the first voice you’ll hear when you call our office and the first smile that greets you upon entering our doors. We believe Jessica’s role is critical to our firm’s success as it’s often this first impression that is most memorable to our clients.

Several years ago Tony and Jessica discussed how she may better serve the company in this role, and together they came up with the title Director of First Impressions. They redefined the true meaning of a receptionist and acknowledged that it is a crucial position in our public relations and marketing.

The experience our guests have with our Director of First Impressions reflects upon the entire company. Two years ago, we took it a step further, adding Jessica to the home page of our website to ensure that those who find us online will also experience a warm welcome.

For nine years Jessica has taken her role very seriously, effortlessly putting clients at ease, making them feel comfortable and establishing trust.

We asked Jessica to share some tips for other organizations looking to make a great first impression:

  • ALWAYS have a smile on your face. Positivity comes through loud and clear to a caller. They can tell when a person is smiling over the phone.
  • Dress to impress.
  • Be organized and able to multitask.
  • Be dependable and listen. Be sure the caller or guest knows you understand their needs and that you will respond accordingly and courteously.
  • If at all possible, become involved with marketing. I attend several company events, and that has been beneficial for building relationships with new clients. When they call or come into the office they feel they already know me.
  • Remember how instrumental a first impression is to creating lasting relationships with clients.
  • The client is always right.
  • Let your true personality shine through. I have been told I say my name with a melodic tune “Jessicaaaaaa”. I receive a great deal of comments about it, which I love. The clients seem to be amused by it and I don’t even realize I am doing it.

By tapping into our Social Capital, we have created a warm, welcoming environment for our firm and empowered Jessica to use her talents to contribute to our company’s success. When asked what she loves most about her job, Jessica said, “The importance of my position. I love where I work so I enjoy making a good impression to represent the firm the best I can.”

Founding Partner, Tony A. Rose, Releases New Book “Five Eyes on the Fence: Protecting the Five Core Capitals of your Business”

Already a Forthcoming Feature on Harvard Business Publishing

Encino, CA – October 10, 2014: Rose, Snyder & Jacobs is proud to announce the publishing of “Five Eyes on the Fence: RSJ Five Eyes on the Fence_WEBProtecting the Five Core Capitals of your Business” by founding partner and author Tony A. Rose. The book debunks the myth that a business’s health is judged by its bottom line alone (by its financial capital). Rose demonstrates the importance of the five core capitals of a business functioning together – Financial, Human, Intellectual, Social and Structural – with a mix of case studies and exercises. “Five Eyes on the Fence” has already been selected to be featured on the Harvard Business Publishing website, and Rose will be sharing his thoughts behind the book at the Russell Bedford International conference in London on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Rose, Snyder & Jacobs is a member firm of Russell Bedford International, a Global Network of Professional Services.

“This is the culmination and synthesis of a bunch of things I have discovered about businesses and the people that own them as I travel around the country talking to smart people who are knowledgeable,” says Rose. “Each one of my capitals has been written and commented about, but I have never before seen it all put together into one place. I have talked to college students and successful businesspersons, and all of them seem to welcome a look at their lives from these five perspectives. This book is for people, families and businesses. They all can use these concepts.”

In Rose’s first book “Say Hello to the Elephants” he presented a four-part, client-tested process for reaching clarity for a business, turning obstacles into opportunities, and crossing the finish line. In “Five Eyes on the Fence” he proves that financial capital is a by-product of four other capitals: (1) human capital; (2) intellectual capital; (3) social capital; and (4) structural capital. By exploring both positive and negative case studies, readers learn to consider these five capitals as an intricate web, making decisions according to the interplay between each of the capitals rather than focusing all of their energies on the cold, hard and logic-driven financial statement.

At Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, the firm is more mindful than ever before that its clients want a comprehensive take on their businesses. The accounting, tax and management teams are sensitive to how that advice influences each of the five capitals.

Rose,Tony“In short, all of us need to be keeping our eyes on that fence,” adds Rose.

“Five Eyes on the Fence” is published by Business Expert Press and is available on Amazon (affiliate link), Kindle, Apple, B& and other retail outlets.

About Rose, Snyder & Jacobs:
Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, LLP (RSJ) is a Certified Public Accounting firm founded in 1976 and located in Encino, California. RSJ is dedicated to serving a diverse client group including closely held companies, high net worth multi-generational families, non-profit organizations, private equity companies and public companies. RSJ serves clients across many industries, in both domestic and international capacities. Rose, Snyder & Jacobs is a member firm of Russell Bedford International, a Global Network of Professional Services Firms. www.rsjcpa.comv

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