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Our 6th Annual CES Gathering Was Our Most Successful Yet

For the 6th year in a row, we hosted an executive event during CES at Roy’s Restaurant in Las Vegas. This year’s event was our most successful yet, with over 50 executives in attendance.

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It was an extraordinary mix of long-time friends of the firm and new faces. Our guests were treated to an afternoon of delicious food, signature cocktails and an opportunity to make new connections. The event was such a success, we extended it an extra two hours! For many it was their first time attending, and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.

At any business event, it can be challenging for guests to get to know each other. We take pride in our ability to make introductions and get conversations started. This year’s “mysterious” get-to-know-you game helped get lots of people talking and was very well received.

Read about our creative way to help guests break the ice here.

As the hosts of this event, we were thrilled to have opened the door to great conversations, which we believe will lead to new business opportunities and long-lasting relationships for all those who attended. We are extremely happy to have been a part of that!

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See you next year!

Conversation Starters – How Clothespins Helped a Room Full of Influencers Break the Ice at our CES Gathering

Each time we plan an executive event, we face the challenge of how our guests will get to know each minipinsother. Tony, Brian and I like to shy away from traditional name tags, so we are always searching for fresh ideas that will initiate conversations between strangers. For this year’s CES Gathering, the stars aligned. We ALL came up with a similar concept that kept our guests guessing and we are thrilled to say it worked wonderfully!

We secretly identified each guest based on the number of times they have attended our CES event. There were three categories: those who’ve attended every CES event (six in all), those who’ve attended more than one, and newbies.

Now, we had to find “identifiers” that would work for our event. After a quick trip to the crafts store, we purchased mini clothespins in three colors. They were small enough so as not to be obtrusive, and they really got the conversations going. Most of our guests figured out the green pins (newbies), but the blue and white pins stumped them.

Upon arrival, each guest received a pin and were told only that they had something in common with others wearing the same color pin, and it was up to them to figure out what.

It was a fun way for our guests to mingle and very well-received! We will definitely be playing this game again.

Our 5th Annual CES Executive Gathering


2015 CES Executive Event Las VegasLast week, we hosted our 5th Annual Executive Gathering during #CES at Roy’s Restaurant in fabulous Las Vegas and we are still so humbled by the amazing folks who joined us.

It’s our guests who make our gatherings so memorable. The pay-it-forward attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with the top-notch industry leaders in attendance, make our events uniquely special – and for that, we are so grateful.

This gathering is always a conference highlight for Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, and it was a pleasure to once again connect with old friends and make some new ones. There were countless introductions made, business cards exchanged and new deals in the works. We truly enjoy bringing together so many great minds to meet and mingle and take a little break from the intensity of the CES show.
RSJ 2015 CES Executive Event in Las Vegas

We host several events like this one each year, in varying locations, including targeted, intimate round table gatherings and industry mixers. If you would like to be included in one of our executive events, please contact us and we’ll be sure you are notified when we have an event that may be of interest to you.

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We have had great feedback from those in attendance and we don’t want you to miss out on our next event. To be notified about upcoming events including next year’s CES gathering, please subscribe below. We look forward to connecting with you very soon!

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