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Feature: Krystal Usher

Krystal and kids

Krystal UsherKrystal Usher is a long-time RSJ team member whom we rely on to keep things running smoothly — and to make her fellow employees smile! She is known for infusing her signature sense of humor into meeting recaps, announcements, events and the morning minutes so we wanted to share a little more about the woman behind the quick wit and bright smile.

What is your current job title?  
Executive Assistant  

How long have you been in this role?  
15 years

How long have you been in your current industry?
20 years

What inspired you to follow this path?
My fast typing score in high school…back when they had actual typewriters.  And teachers who could count that fast….

Krystal and kidsWhat is your favorite part about your current role?
The people.  I get to laugh every day and help my fellow co-workers get their responsibilities handled and out the door with polish and flair!  I also get to trade digs (and awesome sound effects with our dueling phone apps) with my boss who I can say, without a doubt, gets me like no other boss would.  He hired me from a Daily News ad15 years ago and needless to say, we’ve grown on each other.  I may even credit a little of my rough sense of humor and thick skin, to him.   So it’s a pleasure when I can help take a little bit off his desk, mind, task list, shopping list…whatever it takes.

What has been one of the biggest surprises you encountered in your current position?
I’ve grown up here, so I’m afraid not much of anything surprises me anymore.

What are some of the biggest industry changes you’ve observed over the course of your career?
Obviously technology is a big one.  Things are so much faster now, results can be instant, files can be downloaded in seconds, massive documents transferred — safely — in minutes.  But smoking indoors and drinking at lunch time, such a shame those things had to go too.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
Tony [Rose] has been my mentor since I came on board and has constantly reminded me how far I’ve come.  In 15 years, it’s hard to pin down just one piece of advice.  But after hanging out so long under his wing, I know that he has taught me to be proud of who I am.  And not just as an employee and a co-worker but as a friend, as a woman, even as a single working mom. He has always helped me be outspoken about what matters to me, passionate about what I feel is right and honest about everything across the board.  No matter what your job, those things can go with you when you leave.

What advice would you have for someone entering this field?
Take notes!!  Find your own method and decorate your desk with wallpaper, montage photos, desk lamps, whatever will make it yours.  Even if it’s just pink paper clips, it’s important to keep little reminders of what makes you smile….

What is your superpower?

That and……..  My daughter made me a cape for my birthday that says, “I’m sober, what’s your superpower?”  So I guess I’m lucky enough to wield that against the forces of evil as well!!  Now all I need is that sidekick…  preferably, male…  and cute…   and buff.


Rose, Snyder & Jacobs Renews Sponsorship with San Fernando Valley Bar Association

Encino, CA — December 20, 2016: Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, LLP (RSJ) is thrilled to announce it is renewing its sponsorship with the San Fernando Valley Bar Association through 2017.  RSJ became an official sponsor of SFVBA in January of 2016, and it has proven a mutually beneficial arrangement, with educational seminars and special events planned throughout the year for the association’s robust attorney network.  Both organizations look forward to another year of growth and success as they continue to positively affect the legal and professional communities together.

“We have found great benefit to our association with the SFVBA and their great leadership,” said Tony A. Rose, founding partner, RSJ. “The great give and take of ideas of our mutual disciplines creates huge benefits to ourselves and our clients. Our ability to see landscapes from their perspective makes us better accountants.”

Kira Masteller, SFVBA president had this to say about the partnership, “The San Fernando Valley Bar Association has attracted many new members and President’s Circle Firms this year.  We are pleased to welcome back our renewing Sponsor, Rose, Snyder Jacobs, LLP,  who are celebrating 40 years of excellent accounting services for our Bar Members and the business community.  Partnering with such reputable Firms and Sponsors keeps our Bar Members in ‘the know’ as they attend MCLE events, networking events, and our annual Judges Night and Autumn Gala.  Members attending events get to know each other and our Sponsors, and in turn become important resources to their  clients and colleagues because of their ability to make qualified professional referrals.”

For more information about the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, please click here.

Valley Lawyer Magazine, the monthly publication produced by the SFVBA, recently published an article by RSJ Founding Partner, Tony A. Rose, on the topic of estate planning.

Read Tony Rose’s article in the September issue of Valley Lawyer Magazine

About Rose, Snyder & Jacobs:

Rose, Snyder & Jacobs LLP (RSJ) is a Certified Public Accounting firm founded in 1976 and located in Encino, California. RSJ is dedicated to serving a diverse client group including closely held companies, high net worth multi-generational families, non-profit organizations, and public companies.  RSJ serves clients across many industries, in both domestic and international capacities.

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Clara Mayer
Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, LLP

The Five Capitals – A Cheat Sheet

Five Eyes on the Fence is available on

Five Eyes on the Fence is available on

In my book Five Eyes on the Fence, I propose a way to look at what businesses, families and people really possess in terms of “capital.” The success or failure of a business lays in understanding the potential and actual consequences of more than financial capital. In fact, there are four other capitals that might be even more consequential than money. The interrelationship of these four capitals—sometimes coupled with financial capital—is what actually produces expansion or contraction of financial capital.

The financial consequences of a business owner’s decisions are driven by:

  • Human capital—Who are the owners? What are their intelligences, instincts, and values? This is important because every decision is knowingly or unknowingly a manifestation of the value set of the business, family, or individual.
  • Social capital—Who do the owners know and work with? When they are intentionally nurtured, these relationships can be leveraged for opportunity.
  • Intellectual capital—What do the owners and other members of the company know? Are their gaps in knowledge that could be closed to strengthen the product or service?
  • Structural capital—What processes do these people use to accomplish things?

In short, all the decisions surrounding these four capitals will either subtract from or enhance financial capital.

Jake Jacobs Named One of the Valley Top 200

J Jacobs Valley 200

Jake Jacobs featured in SFVBJ Top 200


The San Fernando Valley Business Journal has named RSJ Senior Partner Jake Jacobs as one of the Valley Top 200 Influential Leaders of the Year!

Click graphic on left to read the full article.


And if you missed this exciting news, Jake Jacobs was also featured in the same publication’s special “Power Accounts” issue earlier this year!

Click here to read now.












Important Information About Recent IRS Notices

To Our Valued Clients,

Over the last few days we have received IRS notices for clients proposing unpaid taxes, penalties and possible failure to file assessments. Due to the volume of notices we received, we investigated what was driving these notices to generate. We discovered that the IRS has a systematic error in their database and for the most part, we are confident that the notices are not valid.

If you receive a notice in the coming days from the IRS (Notice CP-14, CP-23/24) and you would like our office to assist you with resolving the matter please be sure to share the information with us and we will evaluate the validity of the notice. We understand that this issue is beyond your control however, this problem is costly in time and trouble. We will work towards a successful resolution in the most cost effective way. Having said that, we do not recommend you paying any bill you do not owe without proper evaluation of its validity.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact our office and one of our tax professionals will guide you through the steps that need to be taken.


Tax Team @ Rose, Snyder & Jacobs LLP