5 Types of Capital You Need to Pay Attention To

valuelead-300x202-300x202Last year, founding partner Tony Rose appeared on Josh Patrick’s podcast “The Sustainable Business.” Josh recently put together a list highlighting 6 podcasts from 2016 that stood out to him, and Tony’s interview is amongst  them.

“Tony Rose is one of the most important CPAs I know.  He’s able to think way past what I expect CPAs to work on.  Tony’s 5 Types of Capital You Need To Pay Attention To is a conversation I really enjoyed.  Every conversation I’ve ever had with Tony has been one that’s been more than worth my time. I think you’ll agree this one is well worth twenty minutes.”

Click here to listen.

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    Clara Mayer

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    Clara Mayer
    Ms. Mayer specializes in strategic market penetration, alliance and partnership building, and out of the box marketing strategies. She currently spearheads growth strategy at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs (RSJ) by building and leveraging relationships and alliances to create substantial business exchanges through high level events. Ms. Mayer’s desire to bring people together to create business opportunities and success stories has proven to be her niche. She is recognized as a connector and influencer within the Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas.